Electrical Car Chargers

Have you been considering getting a new car?  With automakers beginning to transition more of their vehicle lines to this new technology you will be in need of a car charger installed in your garage or on the outside of your home to replenish your new vehicles batteries.  At VIP Electrical Services, we can take care of the installation and all you need to do is drive in and plug your car in to the charging port.

The process is quite simple.  You select and purchase a charger that is compatible with your vehicle.  Many chargers only require a 50 amp 240V outlet that the new charger will plug into, whereas some others require a hardwired connection.  We will ask you some questions about your home and where you would like the charger to be installed as well as information about your current electrical service.  Every project is a little different and some require additional consideration and care when installing a charger.  Some customers may need a service revision if your home is older, and others may simply need a new conduit and wiring run from their panel to the location of the charger.

This is where our expertise comes in.  We will provide you with different options to insure the installation is economical, safe and is in line with the national electrical code  Be mindful of some of the “All in one Contractors” or those national electrical contracting chains that put profit over your pocketbook.  They will do everything to up-sell you something that you probably don’t need.  If you’ve already received a quote from one of those companies and you’re just not sure or you just want a second opinion, please reach out to us, there’s a very good chance we can save you money.

Don’t delay!  Get your installation completed before you drive home with your new vehicle and need a “fill up”